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on refinery and pipeline problems in northern and southern california including that chevron refinery fire in richmond this summer. >> the panic could easily subside very quickly and -- and things could calm down. but we just don't know how quickly they are going to be able to get these supplies back online that we need. >> reporter: here is the latest damage according to aaa. nearly 4.60 a gallon in san francisco, 4.53 in san jose. 4.52 in oakland. now, some costco stations down in southern california have actually run out of gas. they have locked up their pumps until further notice. gas inventory in california is the lowest in more than 10 years. we did though check with costco stations here in the bay area and they say they do have gas. everybody is hoping to find the lowest gasoline prices. don't end up here at this 76. we have all of the lowest prices for you in your neighborhood right now listed on cbssf.com/gas. live in cupertino, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> gosh, i remember when a gallon of gas was 89 cents. >> i can go lower than that but we won't
. >>> right now california is the most expensive place for gas in the nation. and this morning our governor jerry brown is taking action all in an effort to drive down some of the costs. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports on the governor's idea to ease record high prices. >> reporter: good morning. the governor is asking state regulators to release a less expensive blend but experts say even with that move we won't see prices drop right away. this winter blend comes out on november 1. it will bring up gas supplies 8 to 10% and might drop gas prices 15 to 20 cents a gallon. but it could take a week before we see any changes. according to aaa, prices today are at record highs. in san francisco, you're paying $4.73 for a gallon of regular. and in san jose and oakland it's $4.67. our state supplies were cut short after richmond's chevron refinery fire in august and last week a power failure knocked out an exxon refinery in southern california. >> we had a number of disruptions happen at the same time. california always runs a very tight supply-demand because because we use a different blend o
. >> space shuttle endeavour finally rolled in yesterday 17 hours tardy to the california science center. >> it took more than two days to inch across miles of road and it was quite the journey. >> reporter: it was, fashionably late, now sitting here in all its glory. you can see crews working to secure it, working on the fourth side of the hangar. it will soon be completely enclosed. the shuttle is looking comfortable here now but getting it here over the weekend was quite the ordeal. crowds cheered as the spacecraft faced delay after delay. the shuttle halted when the aircraft carrying it slowed during last minute maneuvers to avoid trees and utility poles. dozen os onlookers were treated for heat related injuries but there were no arrests. when the shuttle pulled up yesterday, more than 17 hours late, officials say even with the delays they believe the move will fall within the projected $10 million budget. while it may have moved slowly, it did so safely. >> vehicle got here without a scratch. i promised commander mark kelly, he said at the title transfer ceremony, please don't scrat
symptoms in late september and is currently recovering. this brings the total number of cases in california to 277. >>> later this morning, bay area students will drop and cover as part of the "great california shake-out." the statewide drill teaches the proper techniques to prevent injuries during the next big quake. emergency crews will also practice their disaster response plans. >>> 6:08. a suspected terrorist is in custody accused of plotting to blow up the federal reserve building in new york city. kwauzi nafis is a native of bangladesh. he was arrested yesterday morning after a sting operation. federal investigators say he parked a van that was filled with what he believed were explosives outside the building. then tried to detonate it with a cell phone. the bomb though wasn't real because his associates were actually undercoverr injuries. >> he was inspired to do a terrorist act motivated by al qaeda. we see this threat as being with us for a long time to come. >> nafis only 21 didn't enter a plea during a previous court appearance in brooklyn yesterday afternoon. >>> president obam
. >>> california gas prices are the highest in the nation and some state leaders are now looking for some answers. the average gallon of regular unleaded gas is $4.74 here in san francisco. over in oakland it's $4.68. and if you are down in san jose, $4.67. governor jerry brown has given an order to allow higher polluting winter blend to be sold in the state to make more fuel available to drive down the price. at the same time, california senator dianne feinstein is calling for a federal investigation. she is citing malicious trading schemes in the california gas markets. >>> both sides in the measure d campaign held news conferences in san jose. it would raise the minimum wage to $10. the chamber of commerce released a study saying the measure would cost jobs. >> those members who said they pay a minimum wage 67% of them said they would cut employee hours and 4 3% said they would lay off workers. >> they are going to put forward one study that says minimum wage doesn't work and there are 20 well researched thoughtful studies that explain exactly why it's good for the people in our community. >>
video of breaking news happening in southern california. there is a major accident southbound side of the 5 freeway at highway 14. this is in the newhall pass. again this is in southern california. just north of los angeles. eight big rigs involved in this accident. one person was possibly trapped in one of these big rigs. no word on injuries. there are over 400 gallons of fuel spilled in the roadway and again rain and slick surfaces may have been a factor in this accident but again it is really causing a big traffic mess through there south 5 so, you know, check the roads if you are traveling towards the southern parts of california today. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 2012 presidential debates are behind us. and the election believe it or not two weeks from today. between now and then president obama and mitt romney will spend most of their time in the battleground states. cbs reporter randall pinkston joins us from florida the site of the final debate with a little play-by-play on what happened. >> frank, it was a fight to the finish another doozy of a deb
in iowa, colorado, nevada and finally here in southern california. republican challenger mitt romney is doing a lot of heavy traveling himself with stops today in reno and iowa. >>> two people who are known for putting themselves in the spotlight claim they are about to reveal information that could change the entire presidential race. one of them is billionaire donald trump. a romney supporter has raised questions about president obama's birthplace. new york magazine says his may have something to do with divorce papers in the president's past. no one is actually confirming that. meanwhile celebrity attorney gloria allred and obama supporter says she will soon reveal some "juicy details about a key romney supporter." >> can hardly wait. [ laughter ] >>> 6:10. a deadly shark attack off california's coast. >> and it could be the start of a pretty great ski season. snow falling steady this morning in the sierra. we'll have a live report on the conditions. >> and is there a carry-on fee for a cub? a baby bear causes quite the commotion at an airport. coming up. [ male announcer ] t when
california state, sacramento. he said that was the one thing i needed to pull out and he showed it to me. it's intact. so that was a good thing. again, another thing that firefighters reinforced, the smoke alarms woke them up. the separate security system, that's something valuable, especially in cases like these so there is good news continuing. day. live in vallejo, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> good reminder to check the batteries. >>> well, there is going to be post-season baseball on both sides of the bay, pretty exciting. >> here in the city and oakland too. the as beat the rangers last night. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington at the oakland coliseum where the as got some work to do, could even be better if they could win the next two games. >> reporter: if they win the next two games they could win the division something that people never saw coming at the beginning of the season, the as always seen as the underdog but they are on a winning streak and the excitement is not over for fans. there is a game tonight at 7:00 against the rangers but it was a big game last night when they beat the
the president a 7-point edge for the debate. he fared much better in california. 56% said mr. obama won. 32% said governor romney won and 12% said it was a draw. the poll was conducted exclusively for eyewitness news. twitter users sent more than 7 million messages during the town hall style forum. the moments that generated the most responses included a question to romney about immigration. the president criticized romney on china and romney's response to a question about tax rates. be sure to check our exclusive presidential forum on cbssf.com every day. the candidates weigh in on a different issue every day. >>> 6:04. hundreds gathered under the city hall rotunda in san francisco last night to remember ambassador chris stevens. ♪ [ music ] stevens was killed last month in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. among those at yesterday's memorial service were mayor ed lee and senator dianne feinstein. the libyan ambassador to the united states expressed his government's regret. >> we're very sorry. you send us one of your best diplomats but unfortunate will not be able to p
are in critical condition. >> california highway patrol will start deploying officers to help oakland and stockton. allow the local police departments to increase patrols in high crime areas. high crime has been on the rise. looking into the possibility of federal funds to help offset the cost. >> help is also on the way in san jose where the fire department needs extra staffing. today 33 new recruits will begin a year and a half of training. that's the largest recruiting class ever for the city. a federal grant is helping pay for the new hires. if all goes as planned, this will bring the number of firefighters up to 683 close to the level before the recent layoffs. >>> a water emergency is over on treasure island. the water stopped flowing when a water main broke friday night after they got it fix they still recommended boiling water before drinking it. now the water is safe but people should flush their pipes out before using it. >>> someone hit a $13 million super lotto plus jackpot and the winning ticket was purchased in san francisco. >> the winning numbers were drawn saturday night and they
&e. the utility company says they are sending more than 150 employees from northern california to help restore power on the east coast. live in studio, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> sandy has been downgraded from a category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm. but sandy isn't quite done yet. still massive and full of water. let's kick it over to lawrence and find out what's next today. >> even lost the tropical storm characteristics. but it's still a very dangerous storm system as it moves onshore. it was interesting watching the approach moving along the east coast and making that hard left turn coming in perpendicular to the coastline combined with the very low pressure that you normally find in category 2 or 3 storms helped to lift up the water and we had that record surge into new york at 13 feet. now it has moved onshore. so the core is starting to warm with the storm but you have a lot of rain and some places seeing over 11 inches of rain and you have snow which is very unusual for a tropical system. and it looks like heavy snow in the appalachian two to three feet and more to come
. >> and a huge chunk ripped from a surfboard tells the story. how witnesses say a california surfer from a -- how witnesses saved a california surfer from a shark attack. >> a candidate's husband roughed up. how a heated race in the south bay is getting ugly. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. long standoff at an apartmen santa clara. a bank of the west, on busis n the burbank distri >>> the suspect in a san jose bank robbery is in custody after a standoff. a bank was robbed just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. police tracked the suspect to this apartment building near pruneridge and saratoga avenues. several residents were evacuated. the suspect finally surrendered peacefully just before 10:00 last night in santa clara. >>> an already bitter city council race in san jose has taken a bizarre turn. it has. it' heating up. jimmy nguyen's reporters say it shows rose herrera's husband taking a nguyen campaign sign and dumping it. >> he then said he had a knife. reached inside his pocket.
on the consulate in benghazi. california congressman darrell eye sa and jason chavez of utah say they got their information directly from sources with knowledge of the events in libya. secretary of state hillary clinton is forming a committee to investigate the attacks. >>> 6:15 now. federal investigators now believe several gunmen took part in that attack that killed a u.s. border patrol agent in arizona near the mexican border. 30-year-old nicholas ivie was killed in yesterday's shooting a second agent injured is in stable condition this morning. there are no suspects identified at this point. >>> it's :15. let's check the roads. >> check out this live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza where it's getting busy. delays now in the fastrak and cash lanes with the metering lights turned on. it's backing up beyond the first overcrossing in the distance at least 10 pushing 15 minutes already just to get you on to the bay bridge at 6:16 this morning. other bridges, the san mateo bridge, this actually looks pretty good. that's westbound 92 in the commute direction. only a 14-minute dri
demonstrators are concerned about the new archbishop's nationwide reputation for his support for california's ban on same-sex marriage. salvatore cordileone's installation will take place at 2:00 at st. mary's theat. 2,000 people are expected to show up including the vatican's ambassador to the u.s. this also includes protestors who will be here an hour before the mass. the former oakland bishop was a key driving force behind prop 8. now this favored him with fellow catholics. still some parishioners say he will be welcomed in san francisco. >> hopefully, by attending mass here, he will see how important this church is and what it does. there are a lot of elements of the catholic church which unfortunately hold that position and a place like this kind of challenges that on its own level. >> reporter: cordileone was oakland bishop for the past three years making headlines when he was arrested in san diego last month. he was charged with drunk driving and later apologized. now, if you can't catch today's installation, we'll be streaming it live on our website at cbssf.com. live in san francis
the trouble over the last couple of days working into southern california finally going to move onshore by tomorrow so that's when things will settle down but today could be another interesting day outside. a lot of clouds out there, cooler-than-normal temperatures and then in the afternoon you get a little afternoon heating and you have a good wave moving through in parts of the south bay that could spark some thunderstorms late in the day. temperatures going to be running well below average about 6 to 11 degrees below average of 69 degrees livermore, 68 san jose, 64 san francisco. the next couple of days we'll keep the temperatures down although it should be dry tomorrow much warmer weather over the weekend and by the middle of next week, offshore wins some temperatures near 90. >>> it's the foundation to any good education, reading. but not all kids like to read. >> it's true. for some they need a little added motivation. our lady of grace in castro valley found the perfect plan. that's why they are cbs 5's "cool school" of the week. william briscoe is not your typical principal. he
artery is back open in southern california. construction on interstate 405 finished hours ahead of schedule last night. this is a live look at the highway there. the main project of the bridge went smoothly. >> you might think it's carmageddon around san francisco this week. >> add to transportation problems the next couple days expect delays starting tomorrow. >> extra people along the water front. and golden gate park will be crowded for bluegrass. throw in ace playoff game. the 49ers and bills. going to be busy. >> maybe stay out of the car. >> i've been talking about this. i know sense this past weekend, how are you going to get out of the city. a lot going on. it is going to be extra busy. use mass transit. today is a good day to use mass transit. it is spare the air day. we're showing you our live look. this is our mobile camera. put a camera on the bus. things are still flowing nicely on that upper neck. i watched -- upper deck. i watched them go all the way across. the metering lights should be turned on now. east shore freeway. there is a live look approaching ashby. ev
signatures in their petition to oust the president of the california public utilities commission. they are upset by the cpuc's decision to suspend public hearings, which were to determine how much pg&e will be fined for the 2010 blast that killed 8 and injured dozens. >>> the giants came up big again last night winning game 6 of the nlcs. >> pagan... game over, game 7 tomorrow night. >> and bring it on. giants beat the cards 6-1. the question, can they do it one more time? five elimination games, they are 5-0. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran over at a soggy at&t park where we look back and now we look ahead too. >> reporter: frank, that's right. we're look ahead, looking forward. i asked lawrence, is it going to rain during the game? he mentioned earlier, we're expecting a few scattered showers so you might want to have your raincoats but what we're really going to be prepared for is game 7 because now we're one win away from the world series. ryan vogelsong was the star of the night. he struck out a career best 9 in another post-game gem and the giants force a decisive game 7 handi
. an extradition warrant was filed yesterday seeking to have them returned to california. >>> cal-osha is looking into the death of a mechanic in a crane accident at the port of oakland. the 52-year-old man was crushed yesterday morning as he was inspecting the crane. cal sheesh says the victim suffered from head and chest injuries and later died at a hospital. >>> a suspect is dead after an officer-involved shooting up in lake county yesterday afternoon along highway 29. a female chp officer pulled over a man in a stolen vehicle. the d.a.'s office says it appears the officer shot the man after he attacked her and tried to take her gun away. investigators say the suspect tried to drive off but crashed the car shortly thereafter. they say he had warrants out for his arrest. >>> today "occupy" protestors plan to return to the plaza where oakland police closed their camp just a year ago today. a rally is now plan at city hall at noon today to market anniversary. a march planned later tonight and protestors expected to spend the night outside city hall. an anonymous flyer is calling on people to atta
california and high pressure really starting to build in and if that ridge builds in we'll see the offshore wind kicking in. by the afternoon moving well into the 80s in many spots. 86 in lismore. and much warmer weather on the way. >>> lawrence thank you, it's under 12 hours until the second debate between president obama and mitt romney this time it will be a town hall format at a college on long island. randall pinkston joins us live at hofstra university. >> good morning. michelle. expect governor romney to e try to repeat his performance on the first debate especially for going up in the polls. meanwhile president obama will be more energized trying to point out the accomplishments of his administration and what he calls dishonesty in the romney campaign. >> reporter: the stage is set for the second presidential debate. it will feature 80 randomly selected voters in the audience. all of them will have questions prepared but only eleven will get to ask them. >> it's going to be fun to watch. >> reporter: mitt romney is coming off what many consider a win in the first debate. he spent mo
are optimistic that she will recover. >>> 6:20. that california man behind that anti-muslim film linked to the middle east violence is back in court today. 55-year-old mark josef is accused of violating his probation for a bank fraud conviction in 2010. he was arrested for that last month. he is expected to make his court appearance today by way of video conferencing because of safety concerns. >>> 6:20. a humiliating patdown. what one cancer patient said she had to endure while going through airport security. >> plus, the as find some way to survive thanks to coco crisp's great catch. our play of the day is coming up next. we want to hear why your scl is cool... you can submit your nominaton on our websi: sf dot com slash cool tomorrow at >> we want to hear why your school is so cool. submit your nomination on our website, cbssf.com/coolschool and be sure and tune in tomorrow at 6:20. we'll feature our lady of grace at k-8 at castro valley. kids are fired up. that's coming up tomorrow. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters, here with my favorite new intern, jimmy. mm
through city streets from los angeles international airport to the california science center at exposition park. the 170,000-pound spacecraft will on displace eventually at the museum. >> kind of a tricky process. four computer controlled transporters will help negotiate the shuttle along 12 miles where in some cases it's just inches away from some buildings. >> some places the wing tips are going to actually extend beyond the boundaries of the streets over the sidewalk. >> so then what do you do then? >> just move very carefully forward. [ laughter ] >> we tell people to open their windows as the wings come by. >> trees and other obstacles had to be removed to accommodate the unusually wide load. the shuttle will travel at speeds up to 2 miles per hour. two-day trip will begin late last night and once they get it, it's finally going to retire after a long farewell tour. >> in the video you could see all the people lined up on the streets. >> a lot of folks saying good- bye >>> some berkeley people are mourning the loss of redwood trees cut to make room for a library. five were originall
in california don't have problems like this. we're in germany. this guy thought he was going to jump through a frozen pool. and it didn't work. he slams into the ice without breaking it. >> oh. >> tried the cannonball. and now he is seeing a chiropractor. >> oh, my goodness. >> poor guy. >> makes me laugh. >> well, i'm assuming his wife or girlfriend is laughing. >> sounds like a guy. but whoever shot it thought it was funny, too. not a mensah candidate. >>> hopefully he got the fireball that lit up the skies on wednesday night. if not, we have great video of the meteor. the meteor man is sharing footage with cbs 5. a nasa researcher captured the event on a network of computers and highly sensitive cameras. the meteor entered the atmosphere off the coast of monterey and made landfall somewhere in the north bay. we have more meteor images on our website, got to check it out, cbssf.com. >>> time for weather. let's see in lawrence karnow has his shovel maybe digging for meteors in san jose. are you down there? >> there's lawrence. >> i'm down here, guys. i'm all dressed up ready to go. yeah.
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